Beasiswa di UTP Malaysia

Kuliah S2 di Malaysia  ada 3 program : Course, Research, dan Mixed Mode. Kalau untuk S3 hanya program research. Bagi foreign (orang asing) program research lah yang menyediakan beasiswa (full dan tidak full). Kalau yang full, universiti memback up semua uang semester plus biaya hidup per bulan sedangkan yang tidak full kita hanya dikasih gaji per bulan sebagai RO(research officer)/RA(research assistant) sekaligus sebagai student. Contohnya beasiswa UTP berikut, walaupun sudah expired 😀 alangkah baiknya di cuba :).

Vacancy (RO)

Vacancy for Research Officer (1 Position) for System-on-Chip interconnect modeling Project

The project is funded by the Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS) for a period of 2 years. The minimum eligibility for the candidate and other requirements are as follows:

Essential Qualification: Possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical / Electronic Engineering, with specialization in IC Design / Electronics / Microelectronics / Computer Systems. Knowledge in VLSI, Matlab, and experience working with FPGA. Minimum CGPA is 3.0 (our of 4.0 scale).
Desirable qualification: Knowledge on System-on-Chip and Network-on-Chip.
Job Description: The scope of work involves the development of a simulation model of on-chip interconnects. The aim is to model the neural network structure (brain’s axonal interconnects) for the application of system-on-chip interconnects. First, Matlab models will be developed, simulated, and verified. Then equivalent VLSI models will be developed using Cadence EDA tools.
Financial incentives: Monthly stipend and the opportunity to get MSc in E&E Engineering (by research) with tuition-fee waiver.
Interested? Kindly e-mail Dr Fawnizu at fawnizu [at] before 3rd September 2010, 5:00 pm. Please include your current Curriculum Vitae (CV) in the email.

Thank you.



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